To the mightiest and full-featured slider plugin you have ever seen!
Loop Effect
Repeatable effects with useful options
Parallax engines
Powerful, smooth and very easy to use parallax engines
Mouse Parallax
Tilting Device Parallax
3D Parallax
Scroll Parallax
Staggering Texts
mightySlider allows you to apply effects to the letters, words and lines
Effect applied to letters
Effect applied to words
Effect applied to lines
This is the second line
and this is the third line
Effect applied to letters first
then will be applied to words
after all will be applied to letters
Smart Capabilities
Based on Performance
Unique features
Fancy Transitions
Full featured
Easy to personalize
Lifetime Support
Slider you need
Click somewhere
to add ripples

Animated blocks are HTML elements with any content inside that are displayed after slide is changed. Can be added to any type of slider or gallery.

You can define animation frames for captions and animate them as what you wish. Captions animations can be repeatable.